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Optimistic look at Jelenia Góra

We are leading a stressful life... We're hurrying to work... Only not to be late... Through the town, often running... Or by the car - via the ring road, besides... Tired after work we are 'having a rest' at the supermarket. Then home, work, Sunday's walk to the church, dinner... Or even holidays at the Mediterranean See... But where is our beautiful old city? Facades of the tenement houses, juicy green areas of our 'Jelonka'? Where's the view of the mountains surrounding our town? Let's slow down a little bit and believe that the place where we are living is the most beautiful in the world. Today's walk through 'Jelonka' is a real pleasure! Market square, streets like Konopnickiej, Solna, Bankowa...

Me Video

Marvellously renovated public buildings. Luxurious cars... smartly dressed passerby, beautiful girls, music floating gently from many caffeterias... Flowers... More and more tourists - actually,I mean amazing city and a wonderful valley... It's worth to come here! Mountains all around... Jelenia Góra - a mountain town? Of course it is! It's lying at the feets of Kaczawskie Mountains... So let's slow down and have a look... An everyday picture: the streets are vibrant with life. Ways of pedestrians are crossing. From time to time, however, people stop. There's just someone playing the violin in the shadow... Applause... Sometimes a warm smile... The town became colourful and grew prettier. And please, don't tell me now: 'but on the other side...' about the worse one. Now I want to have a rest for at least a while. Carrying a camcorder in my hand... If you like, you can watch a video (link below) which is the result of my optimistic look at the reality, at OUR TOWN.

Michał Rażniewski

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