Rozmiar: 1933 bajtów

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Artist's Statement

I am glad you've decided to visit my gallery. I ride a bike in my free time, so I took many pictures off my bike saddle during biking trips and expeditions. I've always liked to keep the landscapes passed on the way. Pictures, pictures..... with them I can come back to different places any time. Coffee, tea. A moment of relax at home - photos in album remind me of the travels...

My adventure with taking photos started a long time ago. As a little boy I used to look through family albums. My grandpa Jan Ficki was a forester and family photography was his hobby. He shoot the stages of development of his children, forest and everything that was connected with his work. I would spend hours sitting with old albums with slightly torn pages full of yellowish pictures, some in sepia. A considerable part of them were 6x9 contact prints. I fed my imagination with the pictures of hunting, mansion houses and carriages. Figures of hunters in fur coats standing over a row of wolves and wild pigs would loom out of the pre-war past. I think that those pictures and emotions kept deep in my memory affected my interest in photography ...

This gallery comprises three parts : The Sudety Mt., Jelenia Góra and Sport. I invite you to see the sights of Jelenia Góra (the town I live in), landscapes and sport pictures taken in the Sudety Mt.

Michał Rażniewski

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